All About You and Jesus

AAYJ Young Ladies Mentoring Program was created to assist young ladies in the building of  their relationship with the Lord.  Our use of biblical doctrine as a base for our program will help to move young ladies in the direction that will set their course for success.

Is your daughter, niece, grandchild or neighbor… Making the right choices? Moving in a direction that is setting her up for success? Is her destiny paved with gold?

Find out how to celebrate all life has to offer! Get the tools you need to face life’s challenges! Become a leader! Show other young ladies how to live victoriously! Give back to the community!


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Social etiquette
  • Student facilitated workshop
  • Leadership
  • Creative Workshops

Male Responsibility Program

The KBCC Male Responsibility Program is a support program used to develop the skills needed to help young men take charge of their lives. As men of God, it is imperative that we are sensitive to the personal situations and home lives of our young men.

This ministry is designed to train young men to become leaders, while providing them coping skills in the event their father or a father-figure is unavailable. The goal of this ministry is to stop the cycle of fatherless homes and negative male role models.


  • Imparting godly principles to equip our young men to in every area of their lives
  • Stressing the importance of obtaining an education, and how it can lead to a life of success
  • Instilling a sense of cultural pride and unconditional respect for women, children, and people alike
  • Helping these young men understand their own personal value as it relates to himself, his family, and society at large.
  • Giving young men an awareness of proper dieting and exercise needed for their body’s development.