The Coronavirus may keep us physically separated, however, it won’t keep us from connecting.

The Whats On Your Mind Page

will allow us to stay informed, ask questions,

talk about resources and tips that relate to temporary our new normal.

Every cloud has a silver lining, including, the Corona Virus cloud that descended on everyone in January. We can always find something positive in a bad situation. Here are 10 positives.  When you think of something, please comment below. Let’s see how many positive outcomes we can come up with.

 1. More family time
 2. Home cooked meals
 3. Extra time to pray
 4. Reading your bible
 5. No rush hour traffic
 6. Go to work in your pajamas
 7. Take a nap while at work
 8. Time to exercise.
 9. Everyone has a junk drawer…time to clean it out
10.Sleep in later in the morning


    • I pray for Mother Leake’s niece, Marlowe Stoudamire and family, my aunt Talishe Cross, Valerie Cliett, My ain’t Mary Perry, Wansley Wright

  1. Hello, I am asking for prayer for my sister Tracie McClendon who was asked to self quarantine because she works in close proximity with someone that was having the symptoms of coronavirus. I would also like to pray for others that have come in contact with with those that have not been diagnosed but showing symptoms.

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